2018 mid-year host insights & trends

Since we’re now more than halfway through 2018, it’s a good time to dive into our data from the last 12 months, and offer you some insights on the latest trends and what to expect in the second half of the year.



As any experienced host knows, business fluctuates heavily over the course of the year, with most bookings occurring in the second half of the year, during July, August, and December. The summer and winter holiday seasons send more guests on trips, and the average trip length increases in the summer months too, jumping up by a couple of days. All of which means hosts are likely to earn 10% more than their January earnings during these busy months.

If you haven’t already seen a summer lift, check out our summer hosting tips to see how your cars can attract even more guests.


Dream searching

We know Turo is an excellent place to book a car, but we’ve also learned that it’s a great place to daydream. The most-searched car makes in the US over the past 12 months tell us that guests come to Turo to fulfill their fantasy of driving off into the sunset in your swanky cars.

Many guests do end up booking the flashy, classy cars that reeled them in, but the most-booked car categories reveal that the majority of guests go with the more versatile and affordable options, primarily compact & subcompact vehicles and SUVs & pickups.

Bells & whistles

This spring we enabled hosts to add Extras to their listings, so you could offer guests more convenience with add-ons like prepaid refueling, unlimited miles, and child safety seats, plus awesome accessories to spice up the trip like beach and camping gear. Cars that offer Extras can earn up to 5% more.


  1. Post-trip cleaning
  2. Unlimited miles
  3. Child safety seat
  4. Prepaid refuel
  5. Portable GPS
  6. Phone mount
  7. Prepaid EV recharge
  8. Cooler
  9. Beach gear
  10. Portable WiFi hotspot





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